MISSOURI – EDUThrift has announced that the first EDUThrift brick-and-mortar store will be opened at AgathonEDU’s campus on East Truman Road in Independence Missouri. EDUThrift is tentatively planning a pre-Christmas grand opening, and is now accepting donated merchandise by appointment at the new EDUThrift location (10206 E. Truman Road, Suite A, Independence, Missouri, 64052). East Truman Road is a historic thoroughfare in a community that has suffered economically in recent years. EDUThrift is working to contribute to a strengthened community, both through its retail operations and its scholarship program that donates 10% each month so help worthy and needy students to achieve their educational goals.



EDUThrift is a subsidiary of AgathonEDU, and is committed to helping fund high quality and sustainable education.


To schedule a donation dropoff please complete the form below:


Schedule a Donation Dropoff
Donation appointments are now available Monday-Thursday at the EDUThrift Donation Dropoff and Shipping Center: 10206 East Truman Road Suite A, Independence, Missouri, 64052.